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Heli Skiing in Bella Coola, BC Canada
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Tweedsmuir Lodge Heliskiing

Your expectations will be surpassed!

Enjoy awe-inspiring ski & snowboard terrain, a heli on your front lawn, gourmet dining, superior service, and luxury lodge accommodation in a wilderness setting. This is the perfect place for you and your closest friends to come for the best ski holiday of your collective lives.

Tweedsmuir Lodge Heli-skiing is a truly original heli-skiing and heli-boarding location and experience. Our partners have been hosting skiers here since 2001. Choose between two different types of heli-skiing experiences.

The "Private Heli Experience" is based on a set amount of flying time. This is ideal for a group of up to four people wanting the maximum amount of flexibility and exclusivity. The program can also be booked as a sem-private in which case there is space for up to eight people flying as two loads in the helicopter.

The "Vertical Heli Ski Program" is based on a set amount of vertical feet of skiing included over the course of your stay. The program is ideal for solo travellers, couples and small groups of friends. The main advantage for our guests is that they know how much skiing is included in the package.

The "Ski Safari" program opens up the entire 10,700 sq/km (4,300 sq/m) of our playground to groups wanting to explore and ski where no one else has previously. The "Rod and Ski Club" program runs in the summer and includes skiing velvety smooth corn snow (also known as firn snow) in the morning and the chance to catch King and Spring Salmon in the afternoon.

Accommodation is at the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge with a maximum capacity of 18 people per week. The helicopters generally fly with loads of four people and one guide, but on occasion fly with up to five people in the machine.

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