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We offer great service, and secure bookings with no additional costs. Our rates are the same as booking directly.

All Premium Experiences guests are provided with a dedicated Concierge to assist with any requests or reservations during your stay with us.

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Fly-In Fishing Adventure on floating lodge at Rivers Inlet on Canada's West Coast
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Experience world-class fly-in trophy fishing on the west coast of Canada. Located on British Columbia's magnificent central coast in a private and secluded cove at Rivers Inlet. The floating lodge is nestled in a tranquil bay where the access is by float plane only. No roads, no crowds.

Rivers Inlet is a place where record chinook salmon (kings) return each year to feed and spawn. Rivers Inlet holds the world record for the largest chinook salmon ever caught on the BC coast. In recent years salmon over 70lbs have been caught in Rivers Inlet. Trophy coho salmon (silvers) also return each summer providing fishing action that is non-stop.

The facilities are ideal for everyone. A magical place where friends and family can spend uninterrupted quality time together. An intimate venue for corporate groups to help facilitate memorable relations with clients and customers.

The lodge offers intimacy, isolation, exceptional service, first-class equipment, spectacular scenery, whale watching & wildlife viewing in a remote wilderness setting..

The all-inclusive packages start from Vancouver during the peak of the salmon runs from early July to early September.

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Here is a brief summary of what makes the Rivers Inlet Sportsman's Club so special? ...

Owner operated for 30 + years.

Typically more than half of customers return each summer for a special brand of personalized service.

Highest return guest rate of any lodge on the coast.


Exceptional food, service & equipment.

The lodge only holds 36 guests who are pampered by 15 staff most of who have been with the operation for years, they are like family. You will be overwhelmed by the quality of service that is provided.  Everything is in the finest working order and spotlessly clean. We exceed everyone's expectations from the moment that you arrive.

Our stable 17 ft. custom-built boats accommodate two anglers and are equipped with new 40 HP. four-stroke Yamaha motors.  They are without a doubt one of the finest lodge fleet vessels on the coast. Every time you return to the lodge it is like pulling up to the valet of a five star hotel.  The boats are kept meticulously clean and replenished every time you return to the lodge by our dock "pit crew". All you have to do is jump back in after a meal or nap, you are already baited up and ready to go.  With our boats you are free to travel around the inlet and sample many fishing spots, but you won't need to if you don't want as we are ...


Only minutes from calm water fishing.

The best fishing spot in the inlet, the "Wall", is four minutes from our lodge.  You can quickly come back to the lodge at any time for supplies, to relax, weigh your trophy fish or have a hot meal.  You don't loose valuable fishing time traveling or get banged around on a long bumpy boat ride.  There are also many other nearby fishing hot spots that provide you with the opportunity to fish without a crowd.


Big fish and consistent fishing.

Rivers Inlet is a world famous trophy fishing destination were records for huge salmon are set each summer. Rivers Inlet is famous for the unique gene pool of giant sized chinook (king) salmon that return each summer to spawn in our rivers system.  Our location at the mouth of Rivers Inlet affords us the most consistent fishing in the Inlet and on the entire west coast of North America.  Fisheries biologists have told us that the most variety of hatchery heads of anywhere on the coast are taken at the mouth of Rivers Inlet.  What does that mean?  It means that we catch fish that are specifically returning to the rivers of Rivers Inlet to spawn, but also salmon that travel by our lodge on their migration back to hundreds of river systems all the way from Alaska down to California.


Bottom fishing for halibut & ling cod.

To add to the excitement of the fabulous consistent fishing at the mouth of Rivers Inlet we also have close by incredible halibut, ling cod, yellow-eye rockfish (Red Snapper) and rock cod fishing.  It is non-stop action ... you can literally catch and keep bottom fish until your arms are tired.

Fishing limits - The plentiful fish stocks and strong salmon returns in our area allow us the most liberal salmon possession limits on the entire B.C. coast.

During your stay you can catch and keep 8 salmon during your stay - up to 4 can be king (chinook) salmon & up to 8 can be silver (coho) salmon or any of the other species of salmon.

The take home a maximum is 8 salmon.

Bottom Fish: Take home 2 halibut, 6 ling cod, & 10 rock fish.


No guide required.

The waters are so tranquil and calm and the fishing so easy and close-by that you do not need a guide to be successful at catching fish in Rivers Inlet.  Most of our anglers fish on their own with just themselves and their fishing partner in the boat.  Our daily clinics and training seminars will provide you with enough information and instruction to easily catch salmon and bottom fish.  This is part of the lure of our style of fishing.  However, fishing with a guide for at least part of your stay is recommended as it does help to quickly increase your expertise and chances of landing the “big one”.  At our lodge we customize your fishing package to suit your needs. Please contact us for quote on additional cost of guiding for your group.


Incredible scenery and wildlife viewing.

The mouth of Rivers Inlet is a unique maritime environment.  The scenery is breathtaking and wild life abounds.  We have Gray and Humpback whales going by our doorstep on their annual migration up and down the coast.  Many of our guests spend an entire afternoon following and photographing these amazing creatures.  You will also see eagles, seals, sea lions and even maybe even deer.  Add to this are our gorgeous sandy beaches and headlands where we often go on picnics and hikes. There is a distinct ocean feel without rough water as we are protected by many islands and headlands.

Remote isolated setting.

There are no roads leading into Rivers Inlet.  This means that there are few people and un-crowded fishing.  We have numerous fishing spots near our lodge that spread the boats out over a number of miles of coastline.  This allows you to fish virtually alone if you like, with no one around you.  There is no cell phone service to disturb the serenity of the place.  Our satellite phone is for emergency only. We do have wireless internet throughout the lodge but we advise you to leave you lap top at home an take a much deserved break from the rest of the world!  In our fast paced, technology dependent world, it is really a chance to get away from it all!