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Carbon-NeutralYachts emit large amounts of emissions into the sea and air. Let us help you balance out your emissions with carbon credits. We will calculate & estimate your emissions, add the relevant amount to your charter fee, and pay this to a Internationally recognized accredited organization that deals with carbon offsets, so you can charter with the peace of mind that you are not contributing to global warming! We highly recommend this options.



Yachting Slovenia | Yacht Charters & Luxury Boat Rentals
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The coastline of Slovenia stretches up to 47 kilometers. The whole coastline is rich with lush vegetation. In Slovenia, you can find a natural reserve that is abundant with sandstone as well as marl. One of the tourist attractions here in Slovenia the Strunjan cliff which is at least 80 meters above sea level. Currently, the Strunjan cliff is the highest in all coast of the Adriatic. You can also find here in Slovenia the Secovlje saltworks. This particular area in Slovenia has already been mentioned several times during the thirteenth century. And because of the tourist destination’s abundance on its natural heritage, it is now considered as one of the national parks that is a haven for various plants and animal life forms.
During your yacht charter, you can find all sorts of places where you can enjoy the most. If you want to step back to the medieval ages, visit the towns of Koper, Izola, and Piran. Koper is the heart of Slovenia’s history. It actually has the most panoramic view in the Istrian Peninsula. Water sports activities are part of locals of Koper’s lifestyle. Regattas are commonly seen in the Koper Bay. There is also a small marina in this part of town.
Another town is the Izola. This is where most luxury yacht charters visit because of its rich tradition as well as picturesque scenery. If you are looking for resorts along the seaside that has hotels, restaurants, and more facilities, you should proceed to the Simonov zaliv. This is located on the eastern area of the town. On the other hand, if you are looking for the marina, you must go to the western part of Izola.
Meanwhile, the Piran, which is situated at the edge of the Piran Peninsula, is considered as the oldest seaport in Slovenia. The seaport was surrounded with walls during the Middle Ages. These walls are still preserved until now. Aside from that, the whole Piran is also preserved as well. Coming from the viewing deck of the mega yachts, you can quickly recognize the medieval features of the town. But though the town is preserved this does not mean that new establishments weren’t built. In fact, there are already vacation houses, hotels, fancy restaurants, and more that would meet the needs and demands of yacht charter tourists. While you are there, do not forget to visit the Sergej Masera Maritime Museum. There are also cultural institutions as well as cultural shows so check their schedule if you would like to watch.
There are also places for adult entertainment such as casinos and alike for the visitors of Slovenia. No matter where you go, make sure that you detail your specifics, your needs, and your budget to your tourist guide. There are a lot of options not just a mega yacht or a luxury yacht charter Slovenia. There are simple yacht charter Slovenia where you and your companions can enjoy without taking too much money out of your pocket.